Our Hemp Story

Trusted Since 1995

Hemptations opened in Cincinnati, OH Sept 1st 1995 with the hopes to prove that hemp should never have been taken from our farmers.  

We have grown to 4 locations having the largest selection of hemp on the planet and seeing hemp farming being returned to the United States.  CBD is nothing new to us, as well, we have been selling CBD since 2010ish.  We now have our own line of CBD products.  We have been manufacturing hemp goods using the name Planet EveryWear since 2011.  We take pride in everything we do.   

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...Make Everything Else From Hemp

Hemp is a Solution

Hemp does not require chemicals to be grown.  On top of that it can replace many of the leading polluters on the planet.  On top of that hemp is at the very least equal to and in most cases superior to those products.  On top of that, heehee, just kidding, but really hemp is a great choice for all life on earth.  

Here's the short list:

Food, Fiber, Plastic, Paper, Housing, CBD, Body Products, and and much much more on top of that.  

Thank you for supporting all the Planet EveryWhere

Online purchase Policy

New and ReUsed Shipping Material


Although we use new boxes for most shipments, we do reuse packing material from the shipments we receive. 

Coupon Codes


Any online sale coupons are posted on the home page of Hemptations.com.  If a product is on sale in the stores, it will be on sale online

No Returns


No returns on online purchases.

Let Us Know


If there is a product in the store, that you would like added to the online inventory, email us.


Trusted Since 1995


Know that our products come from having been hand picked in the hemp industry for almost a quarter of a century.

High Noon Hemp Show


The High Noon Hemp Show is live every Wednesday at High Noon on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.  All shows available at the Jedi Hemp channel on YouTube.  Podcast version available at iHeart and Podbean.